Fréquences de secours Ouragan Irma - Radio Club de Nice

Prochaine reunion : 08/09/2018 -- Cours licence radioamateur les vendredis 20h30 à partir de 2019  --   QSO DU RADIO CLUB LES DIMANCHES 11H00 RELAIS R6 VHF   

hurricane watch net : 14325 khz & 7.268 (USA watch net)

Echolink : NODE : WASH_DC hurricane net listen

*WX_TALK* EchoLink conference node: 7203/IRLP 9219.

Puerto Rico: 3.803, 3.808, 7.188 MHz. Radio amateurs in Puerto Rico also will cooperate with the HWN on 7.268 and 14.325 MHz.

Cuba: Daylight hours, 7.110 MHz (primary) and 7.120 MHz (secondary); Provincial Net — 7.045, 7.080 MHz, and on other lower frequencies as necessary. Nighttime, 3.740 MHz (primary) and 3.720 MHz (secondary) and on other lower frequencies as necessary.

Dominican Republic: 3.873 MHz (primary), 3.815 MHz (secondary), 7.182 MHz (primary), 7.255 MHz (secondary); 14.330 MHz (primary), 21.360 MHz (primary), 28.330 MHz (primary).

Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN): 3.815 MHz and 7.162 MHz (when necessary)

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