Prochaine reunion : 02 novembre 2019 -- Cours licence radioamateur les vendredis 20h30 (COMPLET)  --   QSO DU RADIO CLUB LES DIMANCHES 11H00 RELAIS R6 VHF   
Nice ham radio club, French riviera The radio ham club F4KJQ started in 2015, we are based in Nice, French riviera. Our main objectives : To form new ham radio operators, we do courses at the radio club once a week, so far we formed about 15 new operators in 2 years time. English courses: we do english courses for ham radio once a week. Contests : we do few contests every years, on the mountain, at around 1000m high (CQ Wordlwide, REF french cup...) Activations : during the year we do few radio activation : sota....
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Nice ham radio club, French riviera

  SUNDAY QSO : at 11h00 am local time on VHF repeater R6 : 145.750    145.150    Tone 88.5 Hertz We have meetings on saturdays (check on the website front page for next meeting) in Nice at: 308 bd de la madeleine, Nice, end of the bus line 3 Everyone is welcome to say hello ! The latest news : VHF UHF repeaters around Nice, French riviera : Digital ham frequencies : FT8 tutorial (in french for the moment): JT65 tutorial (french) SDR RECEIVERS: (internet sdr receivers) Global Tuners Remote Hams SDR-Radio Online Web Receivers Here's some good sdr for europe : (Andorre) (Angleterre) (Allemagne) (Turin) (Naples) (Paris) (Luxembourg) Nice ham radio club, French riviera